5 Reasons Stoicism is Better than Digiorno

While it is true that DiGiorno might be just as good as delivery and it may take the same amount of time as delivery takes, there’s no possible way that DiGiorno can ever top Stoicism. Here are 5 Reasons why Stoicism is better than DiGiorno.

1. While kids and adults can, in theory, eat pizza for 365 days and have the large variety of different toppings, even if it’s DiGiorno, it’s just a matter of time before you or your kid is begging for something different than pizza. This just isn’t the case with Stoicism. The dichotomy of control is quite difficult to drive into your head and if you forget to keep practicing, it begins to dissolve. It’s simply not possible to get tired of Stoicism because it just doesn’t last in your mind like bubblegum pop does when you stop thinking about it.

2. DiGiorno is not within your power. Try as you might but your car may break down before you can even buy DiGiorno pizzas. You may get to the grocery store and they’re all out. You may even try to cook it but then your oven catches your house on fire and you have to leave. The world economy could collapse and a violent earthquake or asteroid can destroy factories that produce DiGiorno pizzas. It’s obvious that DiGiorno isn’t in your power. But you know what truly is? Stoicism. Stoicism believes that all we have in our control is our judgment and will and if that is in your power, then Stoicism is always in your power.

3. Let’s face it, any kind of pizza, say the DiGiorno kind, are ephemeral. If you didn’t have a fridge, you’d have to eat your pizza within 24 hours because it would spoil. Stoicism isn’t that transient. It’s been around since 350 BCE and its concepts have probably been around much longer. Yes, it’s possible that human beings could go extinct, and, so can their philosophies. But it’s also possible that any kind of Stoic idea could be picked up by any extraterrestrial civilization, since the concept of Stoic justice is perfect for any rational beings that are trying to work together in mutual peace and cooperation. So Stoic ideas could be just about anywhere even if ETs don’t use the word “Stoic” or “justice” or “courage” or “cosmopolitanism.”

4. DiGiorno pizzas are frozen and then you must heat them up. You must put a lot of energy into them and your oven leaks heat and so it’s all just a big waste of energy. Sure, some of the energy made the pizza cook but it was just a large waste of energy. Stoicism is all about conserving energy and reducing entropy. Think about it, your negative passions are simply a waste of energy. There’s no need fretting over things that you truly have no power over. You could be spending better time thinking about actual solutions or if there’s no solution, then you might just spend time trying to get used to the out-of-your-control situation. Simply put, Stoicism doesn’t waste any energy at all if you use it correctly.

5. Lastly, pizzas can be used for good or evil. But Stoicism can only be used for good. If it is used for bad, then it is not being applied properly. But I can use a frozen pizza to harm someone. I could throw it at them really hard and that would hurt! Sure, I could throw a copy of the Meditations at someone but that’s not really the same thing as acting Stoically towards someone. If I truly act Stoically towards someone, then I can’t really harm them. Paradoxically, in Stoicism, you can’t truly harm anyone anyway since your actions are not sufficient for their reactions. But the point is, I can’t harm someone when I’m practicing Stoicism. But, I can certainly throw a pizza at someone, while practicing being a pizza chef.

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Published by Jess W

JW has a B.A. in Philosophy from Drury University. JW has practiced philosophy for years after graduating Drury U, though he hasn't pursued philosophy as a career of choice. JW eventually learned what Stoicism was really all about and decided to adopt virtually all of its precepts. It's served JW well and has helped him through his journey through a life of ups and downs.

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