10 Reasons to Study Stoicism

Humanity, focusing on what good can be done despite circumstances.

Stoicism has done me wonders this year. The shift in focus has lead to a distinct direction that no matter what craziness life has thrown at me this year, I have remained in that direction. And so, I decided to write you 10 Reasons To Study Stoicism.

1. Pursuing your most virtuous self leads to lasting contentment for you and those around you. Imagine what life would be like if you had a single goal you could take into every situation, and it amounted to you being a source of inspiration to do-gooders around you.

2. Because all the good are friends of eachother. It’s true. When you know someone’s intent is good, you can meet with them on equal footing. They are also more apt to respond to helpful critique too, if you can show them how to embody their goal even better, they are apt to listen. You sharpen each other. You can also spot them in a crowd, in a stranger, when action is needed. You may even see your opponents in a new light, and find more in common with them.

3. Because it’s more rewarding to be demanding of yourself and patient with all else. Think about it, if you are doing everything in your power to right yourself, then you trust where you’re coming from, respond carefully to critique, and use it as an opportunity. And every person you’d have judged before becomes a mirror for internal review. Why did that make me uncomfortable? Angry? What would I rather my response be? Your more apt to reach others when you aren’t quietly saying “do as I say, not as I do”.

4. Because everyone is logical, but possibly misinformed on how best to live in harmony. Every thing a person does is steeped in their idea of “what makes sense”. Humans are the only animal we know that can change their desires and aversions on a dime, by reason alone. If you can show them when they aren’t embodying that, while letting them save face, you can help them reason better. They will appreciate it if you are patient and generous in handling them.

5. Teach them or tolerate them. What else can you do?

6. Because we were made for each other. Like two rows of teeth. Upper and lower. To obstruct eachother is unnatural.

7. Because coping with stress so that you can live purposefully and productively for your human family and planet is more pleasurable than seeking pleasure for it’s own sake.

8. Because coping with the potential imminence of death frees you from fear and regret, with the added benefit of truly being grateful for your time, and loving those you care about best while you have them.

9. Because finding the right logic to defend the best ethics leads to the most beautiful vision of the world. Who doesn’t want to work towards that?

10. Because loving your life and being grateful for your challenges, while growing and acting for the most benefit to a better world is a nobel goal for a philosophy. What better goal is there?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I welcome you to find more.

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