Nonviolent Communication and Stoicism

This article blends and compares Stoicism with a “Needs pie” discussed by a popular Nonviolent Communication teacher Marianne Van Dijk, who’s YouTube channel is called “Cup of Empathy”. The one pictured is my own rendition, but all the words and lay out are the same. I find this Pie a useful cognitive exploration of hard… Continue reading Nonviolent Communication and Stoicism

Interview with Rob Colter: Stoic education in Prisons

“The wise man will not pardon any crime that ought to be punished, but he will accomplish, in a nobler way, all that is sought in pardoning. He will spare some and watch over some, because of their youth, and others on account of their ignorance. His clemency will not fall short of justice, but will fulfill it perfectly.” – Seneca I asked… Continue reading Interview with Rob Colter: Stoic education in Prisons

Notes from Seneca’s “On Benefits”

Seneca’s works have been poured over by many, and his popularity only grows in modern times, the information age. One of his least mentioned works, because it doesn’t provide relief for the wary, or focus during hardship, but is nonetheless an important Stoic text on how to live virtuously, is his book “On Benefits”. This… Continue reading Notes from Seneca’s “On Benefits”

The Cheese Compass

There are two kinds of Stoics. But before I get into that, I’d like you to imagine a spectrum. On one side we have an Epicurean take on life, which represents the world view that “The point of life is simply to avoid discomfort and chase pleasure”. We’ll call this the “cheese” side, for short.… Continue reading The Cheese Compass