Why Stoics Must Have Humor

Humor has had a bad reputation among philosophers for thousands of years. Humor and laughter have had few mentions by philosophers and when they are mentioned they are characterized in negative terms. Plato and Aristotle viewed humor as malicious or merely a form of mockery. Plato thought that comedy should be tightly regulated by the… Continue reading Why Stoics Must Have Humor

Is Stoicism a Religion?

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Is Stoicism a religion? It really depends on what you mean by religion.  But if you ask a person who takes Stoicism seriously as a philosophy, they’ll probably get indignant and be like, “Stoicism is not a religion! It’s a philosophy!” And they’ll be ironically quite religiously zealous about that fact.  Religion to many in the… Continue reading Is Stoicism a Religion?

Why Stoic Physics Makes Sense

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I was thinking about how I simply don’t believe that the Stoic physics is all that essential to Stoic ethics. Some people think that there needs to be a rational law throughout the universe for Stoic ethics to work. It’s not enough that we’re trying to be rational and trying to live in accord with… Continue reading Why Stoic Physics Makes Sense

Stoicism and Amor Fati

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I was taking a look at Massimo Pigliucci’s article Did the Ancient Stoics Believe in a Living Cosmos? Does It Matter? published in Medium and I thought his Stoicism 2.0 wasn’t a radical departure from Stoicism. I’m not sure I would sell it as Stoicism 2.0 since it appears to retain basically everything except for… Continue reading Stoicism and Amor Fati