What does it mean to be a Stoic?

What does it mean to be a Stoic? I think there are several things that it takes to define a Stoic. First, you must know what it’s like to suffer. Everyone has this quality. You’ve probably been called a name or you’ve been rejected by a loved one. Perhaps you’ve felt powerless because of someContinue reading “What does it mean to be a Stoic?”

Stoicism, Society, and Emotions

We’re always told to be mindful of the people around us.  Don’t hurt other’s feelings, or offend, we’re told.  Well, there’s truth to this.  As members of society, despite being taught that people are responsible for how they act based on their feelings or how they manage those feelings, like the motto “sticks and stonesContinue reading “Stoicism, Society, and Emotions”