Did Friedrich Nietzsche Reject Stoicism?

I don’t believe that it’s easy to say that Nietzsche wasn’t a Stoic. Nietzsche did actually believe in the principle amor fati, something which Epictetus and other Stoics clearly did believe in. The confusion about Nietzsche outright rejecting Stoicism is this popularly referenced quote by him concerning the Stoics, You desire to LIVE “according toContinue reading “Did Friedrich Nietzsche Reject Stoicism?”

Stoicism and Coping with Pain

I don’t have chronic pain and wouldn’t know what people experience when having chronic pain, but I have had some painful experiences such as stomach surgery (once to fix my stomach and once to fix my hernia). Pain can be quite, well, painful. So how does Stoicism help relieve pain? Well, it doesn’t actually relieveContinue reading “Stoicism and Coping with Pain”