How Stoicism Is Like Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

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You can’t have your cake and eat it too is an old proverb. But it’s obviously quite dated. I mean, people implicitly mean that they’re going to eat cake when they ask, “can I have that piece of cake?” So the logical implication is quite apparent that if you are going to have your cake,… Continue reading How Stoicism Is Like Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

What is the meaning of life for a Stoic?

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Anyone who is familiar enough with Stoicism has probably heard of the Stoic motto live in agreement with nature. In fact, the Stoics believed that virtue consisted of a life in harmony with nature. So to live in agreement with nature meant that one will live a virtuous life. So what is the Stoic idea… Continue reading What is the meaning of life for a Stoic?

Is Stoicism a Religion?

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Is Stoicism a religion? It really depends on what you mean by religion.  But if you ask a person who takes Stoicism seriously as a philosophy, they’ll probably get indignant and be like, “Stoicism is not a religion! It’s a philosophy!” And they’ll be ironically quite religiously zealous about that fact.  Religion to many in the… Continue reading Is Stoicism a Religion?

Stoicism and Amor Fati

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I was taking a look at Massimo Pigliucci’s article Did the Ancient Stoics Believe in a Living Cosmos? Does It Matter? published in Medium and I thought his Stoicism 2.0 wasn’t a radical departure from Stoicism. I’m not sure I would sell it as Stoicism 2.0 since it appears to retain basically everything except for… Continue reading Stoicism and Amor Fati

Apatheia vs Apathy

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Many people are wrongly turned off or on by Stoicism because they think Stoicism endorses a purely indifferent attitude towards the world. People who care very much about the human race and how societies and governments treat their people are especially turned off by apathy. Even more problematic are people who go into Stoicism thinking… Continue reading Apatheia vs Apathy

5 Reasons Stoicism is Better than Disney

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1. Disney has come a long way. The princesses don’t just save themselves, but they also save China or their whole island. Princesses even save Queens. Stoicism has also come a long way. In the beginning, Stoicism was for everyone, but philosophers have a hard time convincing the masses that people should be treated equally.… Continue reading 5 Reasons Stoicism is Better than Disney