My review of the book Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In

This book remains consistent with Stoicism while also expanding our concerns towards the environment. I’ve really enjoyed this book. It’s a great read for people new to Stoic philosophy and for people who have had a long-time interest in the philosophy. I like that this book does the good thing and contrasts Stoicism with Aristotle… Continue reading My review of the book Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In

The Stoic Duty to Others

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When I began dabbling in Stoic philosophy it was a quick relief for my anxiety, regret, and anger. Before investigating Stoicism, I moved from philosophy to philosophy as I had done since high school. I knew of Stoicism since first getting into philosophy, but I never understood how virtue led to happiness. I found it… Continue reading The Stoic Duty to Others

Stoicism, Autonomy and Abortion

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The Stoics believed in virtue and the chief one among them, justice. The Stoics also believed in preferred indifferents, for example, health, wealth, reputation, pleasure, and education. What did they believe about autonomy though? The Stoics believed in one type of autonomy that was always within our possession: the freedom from perturbation. In fact, if… Continue reading Stoicism, Autonomy and Abortion

Why Stoics Must Have Humor

Humor has had a bad reputation among philosophers for thousands of years. Humor and laughter have had few mentions by philosophers and when they are mentioned they are characterized in negative terms. Plato and Aristotle viewed humor as malicious or merely a form of mockery. Plato thought that comedy should be tightly regulated by the… Continue reading Why Stoics Must Have Humor

Can you be a conspiracy theorist and follow Stoic philosophy?

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Can you be a Stoic and subscribe to some conspiracy theory? Yes, but only if your conspiracy theory makes sense and doesn’t merely try to poke holes in the official theory. There have been conspiracies in the past with few people involved like Charlie Wilson’s War. During Charlie Wilson’s War, the United States Congress hid… Continue reading Can you be a conspiracy theorist and follow Stoic philosophy?

Sage Advice for a Breakup

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You’ve been in a romantic relationship for a few years but now you’re hurt since your loved one has announced that they no longer want to be in a relationship with you. The obvious result is feeling your heart ache, an emptiness in your soul, and your shoulders feel heavy. What once was, what you… Continue reading Sage Advice for a Breakup

Is Stoicism a Religion?

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Is Stoicism a religion? It really depends on what you mean by religion.  But if you ask a person who takes Stoicism seriously as a philosophy, they’ll probably get indignant and be like, “Stoicism is not a religion! It’s a philosophy!” And they’ll be ironically quite religiously zealous about that fact.  Religion to many in the… Continue reading Is Stoicism a Religion?

Stoicism and Amor Fati

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I was taking a look at Massimo Pigliucci’s article Did the Ancient Stoics Believe in a Living Cosmos? Does It Matter? published in Medium and I thought his Stoicism 2.0 wasn’t a radical departure from Stoicism. I’m not sure I would sell it as Stoicism 2.0 since it appears to retain basically everything except for… Continue reading Stoicism and Amor Fati

Stoicism and Coping with Pain

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I don’t have chronic pain and wouldn’t know what people experience when having chronic pain, but I have had some painful experiences such as stomach surgery (once to fix my stomach and once to fix my hernia). Pain can be quite, well, painful. So how does Stoicism help relieve pain? Well, it doesn’t actually relieve… Continue reading Stoicism and Coping with Pain