Stoicism and Virtue Signaling

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In this article, I specifically redefine virtue signaling to make a point. I give virtue signaling a positive meaning since in my experience people who are often accused of virtue signaling are likely intending to say, defend, and do the right thing. Often, we hear people complain about others who virtue signal. But what is virtue signaling? Virtue… Continue reading Stoicism and Virtue Signaling

What does it mean to be a Stoic?

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What does it mean to be a Stoic? I think there are several things that it takes to define a Stoic. First, you must know what it’s like to suffer. Everyone has this quality. You’ve probably been called a name or you’ve been rejected by a loved one. Perhaps you’ve felt powerless because of some… Continue reading What does it mean to be a Stoic?

Can you be a conspiracy theorist and follow Stoic philosophy?

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Can you be a Stoic and subscribe to some conspiracy theory? Yes, but only if your conspiracy theory makes sense and doesn’t merely try to poke holes in the official theory. There have been conspiracies in the past with few people involved like Charlie Wilson’s War. During Charlie Wilson’s War, the United States Congress hid… Continue reading Can you be a conspiracy theorist and follow Stoic philosophy?

What is the meaning of life for a Stoic?

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Anyone who is familiar enough with Stoicism has probably heard of the Stoic motto live in agreement with nature. In fact, the Stoics believed that virtue consisted of a life in harmony with nature. So to live in agreement with nature meant that one will live a virtuous life. So what is the Stoic idea… Continue reading What is the meaning of life for a Stoic?

Do Stoics Care about Results?

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I have noticed that there is this occasional confusion about whether Stoics care about results since they believe that virtue is the only good. Well, Stoics do care about consequences because if you’re intending to do good, you need to know what the results of those intentions are. There’s an old saying that the road… Continue reading Do Stoics Care about Results?

Stoicism and Wishing Harm

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I have noticed around Facebook that since Donald Trump caught COVID19, there has been an awful lot of posts and comments wishing for the President’s death. I do understand that Donald Trump has caused many problems for our nation and even for the world and that it’s quite likely that if he had never become… Continue reading Stoicism and Wishing Harm