Sage Advice for a Breakup

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You’ve been in a romantic relationship for a few years but now you’re hurt since your loved one has announced that they no longer want to be in a relationship with you. The obvious result is feeling your heart ache, an emptiness in your soul, and your shoulders feel heavy. What once was, what you… Continue reading Sage Advice for a Breakup

Apatheia vs Apathy

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Many people are wrongly turned off or on by Stoicism because they think Stoicism endorses a purely indifferent attitude towards the world. People who care very much about the human race and how societies and governments treat their people are especially turned off by apathy. Even more problematic are people who go into Stoicism thinking… Continue reading Apatheia vs Apathy

Stoicism and Wishing Harm

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I have noticed around Facebook that since Donald Trump caught COVID19, there has been an awful lot of posts and comments wishing for the President’s death. I do understand that Donald Trump has caused many problems for our nation and even for the world and that it’s quite likely that if he had never become… Continue reading Stoicism and Wishing Harm